Why are the admin tools important to your Trade Technology marketplace?


Digitalization has been taking over in the past years and companies have nothing but benefits from it. With most of the businesses moving online, the need for ecommerce websites has been at a fast pace.

Therefore, more companies need to learn how to create and take care of their own marketplaces. The top most needed features when creating a marketplace are the admin tools. But why is that so? 

These tools give the admin the power to administrate everything through these 3 areas:
  • User Handling
  • Control Managing
  • Marketing

User Handling

You are in charge of managing users, workspaces, and groups as an administrator. Users are assigned to workspaces, which are allocated to groups. This enables enterprises to collaborate throughout the company and individuals to participate in many workplaces.


Control and Managing

As an administrator you’ll get an overview of key figures such as turnover, active products, user activity, etc. on your dashboard. In addition, you will have access to all services. These services give you full insight and authority to manage both products, drafts, orders, counter-bids, etc. workplaces.

Get access to and manage:


You have the ability to create menu items, pages, and sub pages. Have your marketing team create inspirational pages and content. With widgets and widget grids you’ll get a tool, that gives you plenty of opportunity to personalize, inspire, create additional sales and influence users – whether they are buyers, sellers or consultants.


Admin tools are essential for your marketplace because they are a definite helping hand in your management and administration process.