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The pillars of competence
With a mix of unique talents, dedication, and a common goal, our dynamic team creates possibilities and turn them into great marketplaces.

Our Fields of Expertise

Implementing the Best Technical Solution
Building a Business Model for Marketplaces
Choosing the Right Platform
Customer Service
Running a Successful Marketplace
Core of Marketplaces
Onboarding Process
Code Marketplace
Marketplace Design Considerations

Dedicated Advisory Team

At Trade Technology, it is about more than just technology.

Our dedicated Platform Advisory Team partners with you to define winning strategies and execute projects seamlessly.

From contract to launch and beyond, our Customer Success team ensures unwavering support, setting the stage for your continued triumph.

Step by Step Guidance

From business inception to launch and beyond, at Trade Technology, we collaborate closely with you at every step.

Leveraging our proven track record, we ensure strategic, operational, financial, and technical success factors are in place for your thriving marketplace journey.

In the Design phase, we work hand in hand, defining business objectives, value propositions, revenue models, and strategies for sellers and assortment. We chart out the technology roadmap for seamless implementation.

Moving to the Build phase, we provide expert guidance in UI/UX and integration, along with a comprehensive marketplace go-to-market strategy, ensuring your launch is both swift and successful.

Post-launch, our commitment continues. We’re dedicated to fueling your growth through executive and team workshops. Our industry experts share platform and marketplace best practices to ensure sustained success.

Our main goal – build successful projects
We care about your users, profit and growth. We are ready to share our expertise.