About Us

Trade Technology has established numerous transparent and sustainable online trading platforms and marketplaces. Hence, both the creation and further development of our marketplaces are based on our years of experience in the business.

Mike Borregaard

Mike Borregaard

CEO and Founder


Michael Svendsen

Michael Svendsen

CCO and Founder


In 2014, Trade Technology was founded as an enterprise marketplace for retail businesses, originally known as Spotmarket A/S. The vision was to create an online marketplace making communication between buyers and sellers as convenient and efficient as possible.

Spotmarket A/S was founded by Michael Svendsen and Mike Borregaard, both bringing many years of experience from the retail industry and as entrepreneurs to the table.

As time passed, Coop Denmark realized the potential of getting their own personalized platform. Such a platform would make all of their individual grocers able to get access to a closed marketplace, customised to Coop's specific needs. In 2019 this led to the creation of Coop Spotmarket.

Since 2020, we have continued creating and servicing these custom marketplaces for retailers all over the world. Now truly encapsulating our mission 'Trading made easy'.

Values & Vision


Our mission is to make great online marketplace solutions for our customers and thereby make trading easy. By automating the steps known from an analogue marketplace, selling, buying and discovering new goods is made intuitive. We want to provide our users with both user-friendly, effective and customisable software.


Our vision is to become an internationally leading company in providing custom online marketplaces. We would love to provide marketplaces for everyone who needs to be able to sell and buy online. This way we can help to free up human resources and connect people all over the world.


Our purpose is to contribute to a more sustainable future with less waste. Less waste of nature's scarce resources, less waste of people's time, less waste of miles driven and less waste of money.
With our all-encompassing systems of trade, we intend to make this possible, by truly utilising the powers of automatisation.


The customer is our main priority – we always seek to learn the exact requirements of our customers, to always keep them in mind in everything we do. 

The users define the use – our customers’ customers, the user, justify our existence. Hence their experience will always show the way forward, in development and optimisation.

Diversity is a strength – we always go down many different roads and challenge existing structures. This gives us a broader field of experience which we can utilize in further development. 

Agility and adaptability are necessary – to meet the requirements of the modern fast-paced ever-changing world, everything should be able to change, as well as our marketplaces

We are here for the future – the future generations have a lot of challenges and trading should not be one of them. At the same time, we strive not to contribute to any of these challenges. 

Trade Technology is for:


Buyers who are using a lot of different suppliers and want to be able to buy all of their supplies in one place. We can help such buyers into a more efficient and transparent buying process - at a lower cost.


Suppliers who want to get their products known to buyers looking for similar stuff, or to those looking for specific local, unique vares at a good price. Furthermore, it makes an excellent tool for consultants, who can constantly follow sales, stock – and make deals on behalf of their customers.

Fiery souls

Fiery souls with inside experience or know-how from an industry or with a great idea, who want to see their passion move onto an online market, making the logistics of sales go efficient and easy.

The Team

Our team consists of a mix of business, tech, and project workers in all age groups. This gives the team a unique experience and wide perspective in strategy and decision-making on a day-to-day basis. Overall, the team has great performance and excellent skills in business, customer service, online trading, leadership, and creating and designing software.

Laura Hasselstrøm

Laura Hasselstrøm

Product Owner

Frederik Svendsen

Frederik Svendsen

Sales Manager

Martin Hansen

Martin Hansen

Fullstack Developer