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About us

We have established a number of transparent and sustainable online trading platforms. Both establishment and the further development of the marketplaces are based on many years of experience in the business.

Mike Borregaard

Mike Borregaard

CEO and Founder


Michael Svendsen

Michael Svendsen

CCO and Founder


Trade Technology was founded in 2014 as a Enterprise Marketplace for the retail industry as Spotmarket A/S. The vision was to create an online community/marketplace to make the communication between buyers and sellers in the industry as convenient and seamless as possible.

Spotmarket A/S was founded by Michael Svendsen and Mike Borregaard – with many years of experience in the retail industry and with entrepreneurship.

As time passed Coop Denmark realized the potential to get their own personalized platform so their stores could get access to a closed marketplace based on Coop´s criteria’s. Coop Spotmarket was created in 2019 based on this demand from Coop.

Since 2020 we have build the Marketplace so i can be used by other Retailers and Suppliers all over the world.


Our Values & Vision

Our Mission

“Trading made easy”
Our mission is to make great online marketplace solutions for our customers. We want to make both trading and exposure of products easier and faster – with less risk and lower costs. Through development we want to provide both user friendly and configurable software to our customers in the trading and service business.

Our purpose

Our purpose is to contribute to a more sustainable future. A future with less waste, less waste of resources, and less kilometers on the highway. Collecting all in- and outgoing trades in one place, makes the use of human resources more efficient, due to the fact of everything being collected in one place.

Why choose Trade Technology?

We strive to work hard and deliver the best product to all our customers. We can deliver a user customized implementation of scalable technology with low cost in just 4 weeks. We support several payment methods and can make custom checkouts, that suits exactly your business. We are a dynamic and fast working team, where customer service is one of our most important and prioritized assets. We offer a low start-up cost with various methods of payment options. It can be based on turnover, single price or as a subscription.

The Team

Our team consists of a mix between business and tech people in different age groups. People bringing experience and wide perspective in strategy and decision making on a day-to-day basis. The team has a great performance and excellent skills in business, customer service, online trading, leadership, and creating and designing software.

Our Vision

Become one of the leading international companies in development of Enterprise Marketplaces. We want to ensure and improve connection and communication between sellers and buyers across industries in a smoother and more efficient trading process for companies all over the world.


Our Values

  • Our customers are our highest priority – and they are always right.
  • Agility – we strive to be efficient and agile at all costs.
  • User friendly software – we want the best costumer experience as
    possible by constantly developing and optimizing our software
  • Diversity and adaptation – we are always thinking in new ways by
    challenging existing patterns and make progress in development to make the best product as possible.
  • Respect for the future – our next generations are an important factor in our strategy and process in decision.

Trade Technology is for …

Companies that buys products from several suppliers who wants
efficiency through purchases and wants them all in one place.
buyers to make trading easier – and with lower costs.

Suppliers who wants to expose their products to many – and in one place.
Furthermore, it makes an excellent tool for consultants, who can
constantly follow sales, stock – and make deals on behalf of their

Fiery souls with experience within an industry or has a great idea where
business and efficiency is their number one priority. For those with
passion for an industry, that suits an online Marketplace.