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Providing sustainable online solutions to the international wholesale community through flexible and customized B2B platform experiences

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Means (This is what we do)

We want to enable sustainable resource flows. We want to improve the way in which products and services find their way from seller to buyer. Not only the first time, but as long as the product or service in question represent a resource potential.



Unique Process (This is how we do it)

We will continuously test new innovative business models in the intersect between sustainability, technology and business. And diligently explore the potential for improving existing product flows and developing new services that make it easier for individuals and businesses to choose sustainable alternatives.


Purpose (This is what we want to achieve)

We want to make it possible, convenient and desirable to trade goods sustainably. Both as an individual and as a company.

This is how we do it!

We are a dedicated team with a passion for digital trading.

Our strategy is to develop awesome software that fill the gap in the trading markets, where there is a need for trading technology. 

Strategy & Roadmap

Our Strategy is simple. We are always pushing forward – in technology, new business and sustainability. To make sure we are filling the gaps in the world of trading. Our roadmap is packed with new and cool features for our customers.

User Experience & Customer Service

One of our greatest goals is to ensure the best UX and customer experience. We always walk the ekstra mile to provide the best service to our customers as possible. Our UX is always in development and our focus is to make the best and most user friendly features.

Development & Tech

We always learn and develop in the newest technologies that fit the purpose of a modern trading platform. For the last 2 years we have migrated into Kubernetes and converted our features to microservices.

Maintenance & Support

A stable and secure system is a key element to doing good business. To ensure uptime and security we have a regular maintenance plan for bug fixing and QA control. We always provide you different stageding environments to ensure the best quality for our users.

What are we trading?


Food & Drinks


Gaming accessories


Sports & Fitness





Case Studies

COOP Spotmarket

Danish Retail

COOP Spotmarket came to life in may 2019, as a tool for the retail shops and the suppliers. The shops wanted a tool where they could buy products directly from the supplier. In top of that they still wanted to be able to negotiate with the supplier. The solution to that was the Spotmarket trading platform.

The platform provides a sustainable solution, and gives buyers and sellers the opportunity to trade – and negotiate. Just like in the good old days. 

3000+ Users • Always 1000+ products • 200.000.000+ in tradevolume                Apps for iOS and Android


Foodservice – retail – Greentech

Gaztro started in may 2021.

Gaztro is a new online BTB trading platform that connects vendors and hosts. We fight to democratize the good trade, so that both buyers and sellers have access to good deals online, with a clear conscience. 

300+ users . Apps to iOS and Android

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