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What makes the CCO excited about e-commerce?

Version 5.22

Written by: Christian Guldbrøn

User Experience

As an individual who has always been passionate about trading and creating a great customer experience, I bring 26 years of experience from Salling Group where I was involved in buying, selling, branding, and marketing food, beverage and near food products to all their supermarkets.

E-commerce fascinates me as a way to build a marketplace that combines a controlled business environment with market dynamics. My extensive retail market experience has given. me valuable insights into establishing supplier-store relationships.

By levering e-commerce, we can focus on reducing expenses in selling, buying, and negotiating goods, minimize waste, and offer 24/7 access to competitively prices products through our app and websites that allows for bidding and purchasing on-the-go. This also promotes responsible consumption by enabling users to purchase batches of products with a limited shelf life.

Michaels 5 points for E-commerce platform:

  • Available anytime
  • Short buyer-seller distance
  • Reduce wast
  • Scalable
  • Easy and fast launch