Say hi to your e-commerce platforms new face! You’re getting new features


Your competitiveness on the market has increased.

New features are here, and you’re getting a customizable landing page on your commerce platform, quick filters based on your user needs, overhauled filtering menu and increased security.

Everyone at the Trade Technology office is very excited to share this big release with you. With our customizable homepage you can show your users of your platform what you want, getting them from start to desired endpoint quicker. You’re in control and you decide exactly what content you want to show. Both on the new landing page and quick filters.

The overhauled filtering menu gives users a more intuitive way to find the products they are looking for. With our new quick filters, you can filter by category, product type seller and much more. My page can be configured on user roles and location, so it can be customized from local trade, domestic trade (Inside EU or United States) to international trade depending on your needs.

My page

My page is the new face of the platform, this is where the buyers land as soon as they open the platform. You can grab the attention of your users instantly. With this feature we eliminate the need for buyers to browse for longer time to reach the content you want them to see.

You can choose to show exactly what you want. From statistics, most sold products, customized filters for campaigns to banners and much more. Different users see different things, so if you’re doing global trade or international trade you can set it up so users see different things.

Getting your new face

We’ve set up an easy way for you as an admin to set up the buyers page. It’s set up with widgets, simply create a widget and add this widget to a grid. As simple as drag and drop gets, no tech knowledge is needed.

Navigate to Widgets, create new widget and choose what content you want to show. Fill in all the fields and click submit.

Navigate to Widget Grids, create a new grid and edit the grid. Your created widget will appear on the left side. Drag it to the right side and resize as you please.

Click on your marketplace name to navigate to the front page and see the new front page you’ve created!

Quick filters

Quick filter gives you the option to quickly create dynamic filters. Quick filters are always showed at the top of the catalogue and in the filter and sort menu. These can be applied to all relevant products, to create campaigns, good deals, bundling of selected products or whatever you would like. You can create as many quick filters as you would like, each with its own conditions.

Simply create a dynamic field as you already know and check the “Show in catalogue quick filter”. You decide if the filter is something you control, or if your users are able add the filter in product creation.

Furthermore the old filter selection has been overhauled and is now more condensed and easier to use at a glance.