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New release (5.22) – Product and draft categories, category mapping, and widgets in app

Version 5.22

Written by: Christian Guldbrøn

User Experience

We are excited to present the latest release of our enterprise marketplace. This update includes several exciting features, which will make it easier for both suppliers and buyers to navigate and optimize their experience on the platform!

One of the biggest features in this release is the ability for marketplace admins to create product and draft categories. This gives the ability  to differentiate which categories are presented to the suppliers when they create their products, and which categories buyers see when they shop. Furthermore, this admin tool gives you the ability to be agile and quickly act on new demands.

Additionally, we have implemented mapping of categories, meaning that a product can now have multiple product categories. Which will make it easier for buyers to find products and navigate the platform. This means that buyers can find the products they are looking for, much quicker and efficiently!

To make it make it super easy for the marketplace admins we added an import & export feature. With this tool you can use a Spreadsheet to work with your categories and simply import when you are done. 

We have added the ability to create widgets and widget grids in the app, allowing you to customize the experience of the platform. This can help to increase the visibility of specific products and categories, which can positively impact sales. In the future, you will be able to create widgets where the content is based on machine learning, and thus represents each individual user’s behaviour. This will help increase sales.

Finally, We have improved the user-friendliness of the platform by optimizing the user interface and adding more filtration options, making it easier to find products and campaigns. By Implementing filters in the buyer’s catalog, we have made it easier for buyers to find the products they are looking for quickly and efficiently. This helps to optimize the user experience and increase user satisfaction!

The Platform’s improved user experience can increase engagement

These improvements will help to drive sales by making it easier for buyers to find the products they wand, and for suppliers to showcase their products more effectively. By focusing on user-friendliness and customization, we are confident that Trade Technology will continue to be a top choice for online marketplace users.

We hope that these new features will make it easier for our users to navigate and optimize their experience on Trade Technology. We are always open to feedback and suggestions, so if you have any ideas or questions, please feel free to contact us!