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Using this software gives you the ability to create an online community and marketplace that meets your needs. We offer a large a number of features that give your stakeholders the opportunity to trade with each other crosswise. You get an extraordinary overview, transparency, the opportunity to customize loads of data, etc. Learn more about all the features you get here.

Admin tools

Admins have several different management tools or services helping administrating and handling the different areas of the system.


The system allows you to set up both app and web client as you go. This includes integrations, colors, payment methods, languages, etc.

User features

The users on the marketplace benefits from a load of features all from bidding to mixing goods from diffrent suppliers. You decide the process.

Current and roadmap

Get ready for the future of shopping! Our marketplace is at the forefront of innovation with a focus on AI, machine learning, live shopping, and the metaverse. Experience seamless shopping like never before with our cutting-edge platform.





Our technology stack is built for the future. We leverage the power of Kubernetes and microservices to create a scalable and efficient platform.

This architecture allows us to quickly deploy new features and handle massive amounts of data with ease. With Kubernetes at the core, our platform is able to automatically manage resources and ensure high availability.

By using microservices, we are able to break down complex systems into smaller, independent components that can be developed, tested, and deployed independently. This enables us to move faster and respond to user needs quickly. Our tech stack is designed to handle anything the future might bring.

Mike Borregaard

CEO, Trade Technology ApS


Our journey continues with relentless development and an agile workflow. We are committed to delivering the best possible experience for our users, and that’s why we always keep you involved in the process. Every release is a step forward, but we never stop looking ahead.

  • Release 5.23 (coming in 2023)

    – NotificationCenter
    – MonitorService
    – Marketplace Community

  • Release 5.22 (2023)

    – Product/draft categories
    – Widgets & widget grids (app)
    – Implementation of filters (app)
    – Custom menu items (app)

  • Release 5.21 (2022)

    – Selling restrictions
    – Target groups
    – New widget types
    – Custom menu items (web)

  • Release 5.20 (2022)

    – New services created
    – Access control
    – Widget service (web)
    – Widgets & widget grids (web)

  • Release 5.19 (2022)

    – Dashboard Update
    – User service
    – Workspace settings
    – Access control
    – User invitation flow

  • Release 5.18 (2022)

    – Bidding service
    – Tracking service
    – Admin tool on products

  • Release 5.17 (2022)

    – Campaign service

  • Release 5.16 (2022)

    – Implementation of bottle deposit

  • Release 5.15 (2022)

    – New web frontend design
    – Implementation of Vue
    – Product approval flow
    – Quick add to cart

  • Release 5.14 (2022)

    – Export products
    – Admin create draft via GS1
    – Klaviyo tracking

  • Release 5.13 (2022)

    – Statistic service
    – Product handling page

  • Release 5.12 (2021)

    – PO flow (app & web)
    – Product service
    – Dynamic fields
    – File service

  • Release 5.11 (2021)

    – Product approval flow
    – Translation service (import)

  • Release 5.10 (2021)

    – Translation service (export)
    – Selected products display
    – Boost button
    – Export orders/sales
    – Campaign activation period
    – Campaign description
    – Klaviyo service

  • Release 5.9 (2021)

    – Economic service

  • Release 5.8 (2021)

    – Notification service boost
    – VAT logic

  • Release 5.7 (2021)

    – Payment service
    – GS1 setting (Deploy)

  • Release 5.6 (2021)

    – Order service
    – Deploy settings
    – Configurable fees

  • Release 5.5 (2021)

    – Access definition auth service
    – Payment system

  • Release 5.4 (2021)

    – Implementation of caching system
    – Design optimization

  • Release 5.3 (2020)

    – HTML editor in translations
    – Implementation of PO System flow

  • Release 5.2 (2020)

    – Testsites for MicroServices
    – New price logics for campaigns
    – Dynamic login page

  • Release 5.1 (2020)

    – Consultant biddings on behalf of
    – Portal service
    – Auth service
    – Translation service

  • Release 5.0 (2020)

    – Kubernetes & Microservices
    – Surveillance
    – WordPress landingpage

In 2020, we embarked on a journey to modernize our platform and keep up with the latest technology trends. We made the decision to transition from our legacy project to a new architecture built on Kubernetes and microservices. This move allowed us to take advantage of the scalability and agility offered by these technologies, and to create a more flexible and efficient platform.

The transition was challenging, but our team was up for it. We faced many obstacles along the way, but we persevered, leveraging our expertise and dedication to bring our vision to life. Today, we’re proud to offer a platform that is not only technologically advanced, but also user-friendly and accessible. We believe that this transition was a necessary step in ensuring the continued success of our platform, and we’re confident that it will pay off in the long run.