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Supplier Trading Platform

Trading Platform is a cloud service software that makes the communication and trading from your company to new and current customers as smooth and hassle-free as possible by assembling all data in one place and optimizing the entire supply chain.

Synchronize the entire flow from your purchasing and inventory until the invoice of the order – Minimize manual work

1. Upload Products

You can create products in 2 ways. Create them manually or by file import.

2. Start Selling

Invite your customers to your platform or let your sellers collect orders. The orders is just few clicks away.


3. Manage & Ship orders

Easily access and mange order changes and status. Connect your ERP system and keep track on warehouse.


4. Get payed

 Invoice your customers as you normally do. Generate your invoices with order data from the platform.

Why choose The Trading Platform

Automate workflow

Work smarter – save time. Decrease the manual working hours to save money and be able to focus on what gives you the competitive edge. Gain efficiency, productivity and decrease expensive errors.

Webpage and APP

Give your current customers access to your assortment 24/7 with your own B2B trading platform where they can make offers or contact you. By using the APP and “consultant function” you will be able to place orders when visiting customers.

Data storage and usage

Get to know you customers better by using data created in the system based on orders. Hereby you can differentiate prices based on individual customers and send push-messages to customers to increase sales based on data.

Get started in a flash

With the TradingPlatform you can get started fast. We just need to know your needs, then we will tailor your new trading platform in a flash. The Platform comes out of the box in your browser, mobile screens and IOS and Android.


Put your sales on autopilot. When your products are created, invite your customers to login. Have your salesteam start selling right away.


Use TradingPlatform to sync. your data on products, orders and your customers. Trough our API we can send and resive data. 

Watch a demo – how to manage

Watch demo how to use the APP

You are in control!

Manage the Platform from everywhere in your browser or tablet. Dosen’t matter if its your products or your customers, you have full control on what’.s on sale and who have access.

Fast & Easy Work

Products, orders and customers are easy managed from the backend. So you can focus on selling. 

Create Result

Create your salesteam and start selling on the go. Or use email marketing to update and sell to your customers. 


The TradingPlatform comes with many features. Below are listed some key features that helps driving sales to your business.


With our API we can connect your data to the platform and vice versa

Search filter

With product search your salesteam or customers and easilly find the products needed


Use the catalog to display 1000’s of products. You choose the categories and information displayed

Make mix campaign

Let your customers mix between all your products. Give discounts and speciel volume deals

Counter bidding

Close deals with the bidding function. You can accept, counter bid with your customers


99% uptime. We always keep the system updated. So you can focus os selling



Spotmarket was the first platform to use the TradingPlatform. Its use by thousand of users with sellers on one side and buyers on the other. The platform connect them to deal more efficient. 

Spotmarket A/S

We decided to use the platform coz it was a great fit to our needs to build a scaleble solution in the foodservice market. 

Gaztro A/S

We have used the Trading platform for 4 years as an extended reach for some of our sellers. It’s easy to manage and sellers could obtain orders with a few clicks. When we had a request the Team was fast to respond and fix it.

Bo Jensen – GeiaFood Denmark

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