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With a supplier marketplace, you connect, grow, and succeed with your customers. As a supplier, you can streamline the sales process, increasing your opportunities for success.

Ways you can use our marketplace

The technology offers a variety of use cases, the ones mentioned below are just a few examples. If you have any specific needs, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team or schedule a demo.

Make your own marketplace

If you want to streamline sales and distribution you can build your own marketplace, providing a central hub for all your customers to access your products and services with ease. Automated product and order flow, use your salesteam to sell your products and promotions with our apps for iOS and Android.

Share a marketplace

Expand your reach and tap into new markets, consider sharing a marketplace with other suppliers. By pooling resources and expertise, you can offer a wider range of products and services to customers, increase visibility, and benefit from shared marketing efforts. Share warehouse and logistic and start selling.

Internal marketplace

Centralize operations and streamline communication across multiple departments, consider building your own marketplace. With a centralized platform, customers can enjoy a seamless and efficient experience, and internal processes and collaboration can be enhanced.

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Why choose our marketplace

Automate workflow

Work smarter – save time. Increase effeciency and productivity by reducing manual work hours, saving time and money, and allowing focus on your competitive edge.

Webpage and APP

Provide 24/7 access to your product lineup for current customers, enabling direct communication and offers through browser or app.

Data storage and usage

Enhance customer experience by utilizing order-based system data to personalize pricing strategies and boost sales through targeted push notifications.

Implementation Process

Unleash the Power of Efficiency! Say goodbye to hassle and hello to seamless synchronization. Experience the advantages of low-cost customization uniquely tailored to your organization’s needs. Get ready for constant improvement and new exciting features, driven by customer feedback.

Let’s schedule a call and discover how this cutting-edge system can give you the competitive edge you’ve been seeking. And the best part? Launch your customized marketplace in just a matter of four weeks!

You get a specialized team of marketplace experts

When you purchase our marketplace, you are granted access to a dedicated team of specialists for support, guidance, and training. The goal of this team is to assist with any obstacles you may encounter and provide a tailored experience to help you maximize the benefits of the marketplace.

  • Phase 1

    Tech / business meeting defining missing features and planing

  • Phase 2

    Agreement is made and signed

  • Phase 3

    Setup and development of marketplace and Import of data. Launch strategy is made.

  • Phase 4

    QA testing involving stakeholders

  • Phase 5

    Official Marketplace launch

Sales team

Streamlining your sales team has never been easier. With our platform, inviting and creating profiles for your entire sales team is just a few clicks away. Manage their profiles and restrictinos in a single location effortlessly. Our platform provides real-time analytics that give you an insight into how each member of your sales team is performing.


Sales Consultants

Empower your sales consultants with the Marketplace’s real-time data access and seamless purchasing capabilities. Enable them to instantly accept or reject offers directly from the platform, eliminating the need for intermediaries and increasing efficiency. Streamline the sales process and give your consultants the advantage of real-time information at their fingertips.




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