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The Trading Platform

An online sales platform for your shops, suppliers, and central warehouse. Create an online community and marketplace that optimizes the interaction between your suppliers and stores to achieve a competitive edge and obtain better control of your business.

Why choose The Trading Platform

Resource and Time Efficiency

  • Stores get access to products from current and new suppliers in one place.
  • Limit number of consultants in the stores
  • Your own assortment can also be visible to all stores with a real-time stock count and accounting – reduce man hours.
  • Store and supplier access 24/7.

Business Acumen and Motivation

  • Quick and easy access to products on the market allows stores to focus on the customer.
  • Stores are motivated by cheap offers and flexibility.
  • Opportunities to customize the assortment based on local demand and achieve a competitive advantage without damaging . 

Control and Tracking

  • The marketplace is a closed environment controlled by you.
  • Make sure all products and suppliers are approved in terms of quality and that the products do not collide your current central assortment.
  • Quickly recall and track products in case of an error.


  • Give all approved stores have access to the products on the marketplace.
  • Try and test new products or suppliers and their performance.
  • Expand your assortment and give your stores the possibility to buy more products without using central warehouse storage.


  • All data created on the software applies you the opportunity to make better decisions according products and suppliers in the future.
  • Get to know your stores better by using data created in the system. With the data, you can analyze the demand of the stores and what the prices are in the market. 


  • Minimize your carbon footprint and reduce waste through responsible and more efficient supply chain management.
  • Reduce food waste and other waste for yourself and your suppliers.
  • Use these numbers for publicity or get a greener annual report. 



Trade volume


The Trading Platform is a cloud service that eases the communication and trading between your stores and the suppliers. Collect data for future business decisions and get control of your business while minimizing the carbon footprint.


The Trading Platform is a solution stack that easily can be integrated with your current business model and business infrastructure without any further changes in your business structure. Currently, we provide the software for the communication and trading between the suppliers and stores for Coop Denmark.  

Screenshots of the system

Easy Startup Process

1. Setup users

We import all your stores and suppliers. They can also subscribe to the site by themselves.

2. Start Trading

When the users are ready, they can start trading right away. The stores and suppliers are able to trade directly with each other.

3. Products & Orders

You are in control of products sold and orders generated on the platform.

4. Create value

The platform is generating value for your organization, stores, and suppliers whilst reducing waste.

Implementing Process

The system is easily synchronized to your system as it works as a plug-and-play solution. The system does not interfere with your current way of working but it applies you all the opportunities and advantages mentioned for a low cost. The system is customized to fulfill your needs as an organization. The system is constantly improved based on your and our other customers’ inputs and we already have a lot of new features in the pipeline to optimize the system.

We would love to have a meeting to talk about how your business can achieve a competitive edge using this system and we would be able to launch your customized marketplace within two weeks.

You are in control

Choose the suppliers and shops to have access to The Trading Platform.

Setup and admin Categories and category options.

Track and log data on suppliers and shops. Possibility for marketing automations.

Control products on the platform. Set up approval-flow or allow all products. Admin order flow handle and overview all incoming orders.

Some of our 1000+ users


The Trading Platform comes with many features. Below are listed some key features that help drive sales to your business.

Webpage and APP

Give your stores access to an extra assortment 24/7, with your own marketplace where your stores have access to all your suppliers’ products. With the App, you give your stores the opportunity to easily access the marketplace.

Automate Workflow

Work smarter – save time. Decrease the manual working hours to save money and focus on what gives you the competitive edge. Gain efficiency and productivity and decrease expensive errors.

Data Storage and Usage

Get to know your stores better by using data created in the system based on orders. With this data, you can analyze what your stores buy and use the data in future negotiations and planning of your central assortment.


With our API we are able to connect your data to the platform and vice versa.

Search filter

With product search, the stores can quickly find the products they need.


Use the catalog to display thousands of products. You choose the categories and information displayed.

Make mix campaigns

The suppliers can create mix-campaigns and create discounts on different kinds of volumes.

Counter bidding

Allow your stores to interact with the supplier efficiently and quickly with the bidding function.


99% uptime. We always keep the system updated.



Morten Kjær-Nielsen
Category Manager of Garden, BBQ, DYI, Cleaning articles & Storage – Coop

I really enjoy Coop Spotmarket. The platform is a marketplace for excess and other exciting goods. I’m really happy that Spotmarket offers a platform both for excess goods etc. and now also a section for selected goods.

Early in 2022 the platform expanded and now offer a larger and more specific range of selected goods. This is an opportunity for specific suppliers to offer our supermarkets goods that we otherwise cannot offer them. The supplier and Spotmarket make sure the goods are in our system and arrange delivery directly to the stores. The idea with the expansion is to select suppliers with the right selection of goods and offer these to our stores.

I have – as a category manager of ‘Garden’ – asked a supplier of planting items to try the platform with goods I know are in demand and that we otherwise can’t offer our stores. Now the supplier and Spotmarket take care of all the work, and I can offer a wide range of planting items to our stores. It’s super smart and benefits everybody.

This section of selected goods can also be used when and if you run out of a given item and need to quickly offer the stores an alternative. In 2020 I ran out of solar-powered lamps and after I contacted Spotmarket the stores were able to buy some on the platform the next day.

If you need to test the potential of some goods before stocking them the platform is also a perfect place to do just that. I always encourage my suppliers to use Spotmarket if they have goods, they have a hard time selling.

I know that the stores are buying goods directly from the suppliers anyways and when we get them to do it through Spotmarket transparency is ensured – we can follow the process all the way. Also, this way the goods are available for all our stores and it’s also important to me that the good deals are offered to us and not our competition.

Lastly, it’s great for me as a buyer that all the revenue and contribution margin are in the category account.

Kim Faurbjerg
Coop Supplier – Fausol

Coop Spotmarket has expanded the marketplace in 2022 to also include a section for assortment goods where the supermarkets can buy products that aren´t in Coop´s general assortment. This allows the local Coop Supermarkets to customize their products to the local demand and we as suppliers can reach the Coop landscape within a few clicks 24/7. The system is very user-friendly, and in a few days, we have already received 20+ orders.

Kenni Tolstrup
Warehouse Manager, Kvickly Herning Centeret – Coop store

Spotmarket.dk works really well, the user-friendliness is top-notch, and it is simple and easy to use. We use Spotmarket.dk to buy attractive “Quick-Offers” which help attract customers to the store. The concept is approved, and quality assured by Coop, so no need to hold back.

Thomas Larsen
HG brands – Holmegruppen A/S – Coop supplier

Spotmarket is easy and user-friendly, we have sold a lot of our wine accessories and personal care products to the Coop stores. The system is very user-friendly and simple. We definitely recommend Spotmarket.

Kaj Aakjær
Warehouse manager, SuperBrugsen Kolt (Before Kvickly Åbyhøj) – Coop Store

The last years we have traded a lot at COOP Spotmarket. It is easy, quick and userfriendly, and it is a good complementary way of buying products next to our current purchase flows. Good products, competitive prices – EASY!

Jan Bisgaard
Launis Fiskekonserves A/S – Coop Supplier

We tried Spotmarket.dk and with good success. Partly because it is an incredibly easy user interface to work with and partly because you hit a large customer group in a fast and efficient way. In less than 30 minutes, we sold our leftover whole mackerel. Highly recommend.

Iben Nagbøl Jespersen
Deputy Manager, Kvickly Skive – Coop store

Spotmarket is a quick and easy way to buy interesting products and often at an attractive price. Our customers are happy with the selection of the exciting products we offer them. There is fast and good communication/collaboration with both Spotmarket and their suppliers.

Mads Ramskov
Store Manager, Dagli’ Brugsen Sønder Felding – Coop store

We have, Dagli’ Brugsen Sønder Felding, used Spotmarket to make attractive “Quick-Offers”, as well as created extra activities in the store. The order is easy and clear, and the quantities are often affordable. Thus, Spotmarket is a super addition to our already existing suppliers.

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