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Bring value to your stakeholders. Give your stores and suppliers a hassle-free trading tool that puts productivity and ressources on autopilot.

Key value propositions

  • Improved customer experience
  • Increased sales through expanded product offerings
  • Advanced analytics and reporting
  • Enhanced marketing and promotions capabilities
  • Seamless omnichannel integration
  • Increased negotiation power
  • Improved supply chain visibility
  • Increased vendor performance tracking
  • Supports sustainable business practices

Morten Kjær-Nielsen

Category Manager – COOP Denmark

I’m a big fan of Coop Spotmarket. The platform serves as a hub for spot deals and an array of exciting products. I’m delighted that Spotmarket has broadened its offerings to include a greater selection of goods. This expansion, which took place in late 2022, now allows specific suppliers to provide our supermarkets with items that were previously unavailable. Overall, this has resulted in a more specific and diverse range of products being offered on the platform to all of stores.

Why choose our Marketplace

Resource and Time Efficiency

Our enterprise marketplace delivers resource and time efficiency in retail supply chain management through a one-stop platform with automated product tracking and 24/7 access.

Business Acumen and Motivation

The marketplace fosters business acumen and motivation with its streamlined market access for customer focus, affordability and flexibility, and localized assortment for competitive advantage.

Control and Tracking

We provide control and tracking through a controlled marketplace environment, quality control, and quick product tracking and recall capabilities.


Get flexibility by allowing approved stores access to market products, testing new products and supplier performance, and expanding product range without central warehouse dependence.


Our enterprise marketplace leverages data to drive better product and supplier decisions, with the ability to analyze store demand and market prices using system-generated data.


The marketplace supports CSR by reducing waste and carbon footprint through efficient supply chain management and utilizing the data for sustainable reporting.

A Marketplace preview

Implemention Process

Unleash the Power of Efficiency with our Plug-and-Play System! Say goodbye to hassle and hello to seamless synchronization. Experience the advantages of low-cost customization tailored to your unique organization’s needs. Get ready for continuous improvement and new exciting features, all driven by customer feedback.

Let’s schedule a meeting and discover how this cutting-edge system can give you the competitive edge you’ve been seeking. And the best part? Launch your customized marketplace in just a matter of four weeks!

Get access to a specialized team of marketplace experts

When you purchase our marketplace, you are granted access to a dedicated team of specialists for support, guidance, and training. The goal of this team is to assist you with any obstacles you may encounter and provide a tailored experience to help you maximize the benefits of the marketplace.

  • Phase 1

    Tech / business meeting defining missing features and planing

  • Phase 2

    Agreement is made and signed

  • Phase 3

    Setup and development of marketplace and Import of data. Launch strategy is made.

  • Phase 4

    QA testing involving stakeholders

  • Phase 5

    Official Marketplace launch



Take your online marketplace to the next level. Explore the power of Admin Tools, Customization, and User-friendly features.

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