User features

Our online trading platform is designed to provide your users with a comprehensive and user-friendly shopping and selling experience. Here are the key features that make our platform stand out


Our platform features a comprehensive catalog of all the products available for purchase, making it easy for your customers to keep track of their preferred products and manage their inventory levels. The catalog is organized and easy to navigate, allowing customers to find the products they need quickly and easily.

Elastic Search Engine

Organizing your products into specific categories can help customers quickly find what they are looking for. With the category customization feature, you can create and manage categories that fit your business needs. This will allow your customers to easily navigate your platform and find the products they need.


Our platform gives users the ability to negotiate prices with each other, making it easier for them to get the best deal possible. This feature allows for a more personalized shopping experience, as customers can tailor their purchases to their specific budget and needs.

Products & drafts

Our platform features a user-friendly interface that makes it easy for users to create new products and manage product drafts. With this feature, your customers can add new products to their catalog quickly and easily, without the need for any technical expertise.


With our platform, suppliers have the ability to create campaigns that showcase specific products, providing buyers with the flexibility to combine a variety of products, receive volume discounts, and determine the activation period.

Target Groups

Our platform allows suppliers to take their marketing efforts to the next level by creating targeted buyer groups and making specific products and campaigns visible only to those in the target group. This feature helps suppliers reach their desired audience more effectively, by tailoring promotions and updates to the interests and preferences of specific buyers. By creating target groups, suppliers can increase the relevance and value of their marketing efforts, improving the chances of success and increasing customer satisfaction.

Notifications & interests

Our platform provides real-time notifications and alerts, keeping your customers up-to-date with your latest offerings and promotions. With this feature, your customers will never miss a beat, and will always be informed about the latest products and promotions available.

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