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With Trade Technology’s marketplaces, there is ample opportunity for you and the platform’s users to interact with each other. Gain a deeper understanding of the community you will have access to with one of our marketplaces here.

Chat feature

At Trade Technology, we have created a user-friendly and efficient chat feature that enables direct communication with buyers, sellers, and other stakeholders. With our chat function, you can easily and quickly communicate, share information, and negotiate directly within the platform.

Our chat feature allows you and your users to build strong connections and develop valuable business relationships. You can ask questions, obtain additional product information, negotiate prices and terms, and confirm details in real-time. Whether you are a seller looking to promote your products or a buyer seeking the perfect deal, our chat function enhances the marketplace experience.

We have also implemented advanced features in our chat, including the ability to share counteroffers, orders, and products, making it even easier to communicate and exchange relevant information. You can also save your chat messages and history to follow up on previous conversations and ensure you never miss important information.

Our chat function is designed to create an interactive and dynamic experience that enhances efficiency and productivity on the marketplace. Regardless of your role and experience, the chat function will facilitate networking, build trust, and ensure successful business connections.

Announcement service and
push notifications

At Trade Technology we are proud to offer an innovative announcement service on our online marketplaces. Our announcement feature enables sellers, buyers, and other users to stay informed about important updates, offers, and exciting opportunities within the platform.

With our announcement service, your users can receive timely notifications about new product launches, exclusive deals, and more. Whether it’s a seller looking to showcase their latest offers or a buyer seeking great deals, our announcement service ensures they never miss out on relevant information.

Our announcement service is designed to streamline communication and enhance the overall user experience on our marketplaces. Whether accessing the platform via a computer or app, users receive real-time notifications, keeping them constantly updated.

We understand the importance of effective communication and its impact on successful transactions. That’s why our announcement service is built with user-friendliness in mind, allowing users to customize their notification preferences and choose the types of announcements they wish to receive.

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